Friday, 30 September 2016

Part-time library management job available!

I'm very excited to be starting a 2 year part-time secondment next week as Acting Head of STEM Libraries - it's going to be a big job but I'm really looking forward to the challenge!

I will still be based in the Department of Engineering while I'm on this secondment, but will clearly need someone to help me cover the day job.  If you're interested in a job share (60%) at management level, this is your chance!

Full details:

PS - I've had people ask about the STEM background part.  It does say 'ideally' because it's a bonus, but it's not an absolute requirement.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

SLA 2016 Annual Conference: Engineering Division sessions

For the past 18 months I've been preparing for the 2016 SLA Annual Conference, coming up with ideas, collaborating with other Engineering Division members and the planners from other divisions of SLA and generally trying to make this programme the best I possibly can.  We're now on the final count-down, so hopefully all of that work will pay off!

I thought it would be useful for Engineering Division members to be able to see our sessions at a glance, so a shared calendar is embedded below (click through to week commencing 11 June 2016 for session times).  Feel free to click on the +GoogleCalendar link below to add this information to your own calendar.  Do check the official events system for room details though, because these could change closer to the time - I've put the links into the description field for each event.

Oh, and don't forget to book your places in advance for the ticketed events, including 50 Years of the Engineering Division, Science and Engineering Newcomers' Breakfast and the Hershey Tour.