Saturday, 4 January 2014

Chartership, the changes. Part 3: Presentation and submission

This is one of a series of posts in which I get to grips with the new requirements for CILIP Chartership.  Previous posts looked at  the new assessment criteria and changes to the contents of the portfolio.

Under the old regulations, portfolios had to be "submitted in triplicate in separate binders, each bearing your name, membership number and current post".  The electronic submission option still required two printed copies in addition to an electronic copy.

How times have changed!  Now, not only can we avoid cutting down whole trees and paying massive postage fees in the name of Chartership, we have a brand new online portfolio (using Mahara) on our brand new Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle) through which to submit.

First, the VLE.  This is still in development and I agree entirely that we need text versions of the 'How to' videos and that the navigation issues are highly irritating, although I understand that more text is coming, features have yet to be added and CILIP are still ironing out other teething problems. Once you do manage to get in it's much better than the old CILIP Communities platform, and I like the way the Chartership section guides you through the process with a web-appropriate version of the handbook.

The VLE also includes a chat room and a discussion forum to support candidates and mentors.  I knew there must be one - otherwise why bother using a VLE - but it took a fair bit of hunting to find them (my instinct was to go to the Chartership section and look for them there).

To find them from the home page, go into 'Professional Registration' (under Course Categories), then 'Professional Registration Support', et voilà!

I think it would be really helpful to have a standard box in the right-hand column giving a small number of most needed links, including this support page and the link for the portfolio.

What about the portfolio?

The Chartership portfolio now needs to be submitted online.  Jo Alcock has put together a video to demonstrate how this might be done.

I've had a little play, and so far it's all pretty straight-forward.  I'm not sure why the evaluative statement still requires numbered references rather than just hyperlinking to the relevant evidence - maybe to reduce the likelihood of assessors clicking through to the same content multiple times without realising it?

The portfolio includes sections for recording CPD and for journal entries (blog posts?), but again, I'm not sure how much detail these should include or how you would link these into a portfolio submission.  I think I'll wait for Revalidation to worry about that because I've already got a lot of evidence in file form and can easily upload those as demonstrated in Jo's video.

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