Wednesday, 3 July 2013

CPD23 and the PKSB at #ub13

What a lot of acronyms!

I'm currently at CILIP's Umbrella Conference (#ub13) in Manchester. I intend to blog about some of the inspiring and exciting presentations I've attended later, but for now I really want to thank a number of people.

Jo Alcock, with whom I have a presentation about 23 Things for Professional Development (CPD23) and CILIP's new Professional Knowledge and Skills Base (PKSB).  Jo is a truly inspiring professional, a talented presenter and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Liz Jolly: I was delighted to see that Liz would be chairing our session - we met in January at the Libraries at Cambridge Conference. She looked after us all so well, checking that we had water, making sure we were relaxed, organising us, chairing the session and putting a beautiful order to the Q&A.

Sheila Webber, who kindly live-blogged the session and linked to our presentation:

Everyone who came: we expected about 20 but reckon there were nearer 100 in the room! Thank you all for coming to our session and for all the interested and encouraging comments since then.

CILIP Umbrella team: for organising an excellent conference, and especially for giving speakers free attendance on the day of their talk (wouldn't it be great if all conferences did that?)

My work, for making it possible for me to attend!

Edit: Updated to include links and the presentation.

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