Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Calling new professionals in the East of England

Reposted from LISNPN:

I'm taking over from Charlotte (@lottiemsmith) as New Professionals Support Officer for the CILIP East Members Network from January... 

I'm really interested in hearing from any new professionals living or working in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, to make sure that you're getting the support, advice and networking opportunities you need.  You don't already have to be a member of CILIP, I'd like to get in touch with as many local new professionals as possible. 

I also have a Grand Plan, to be revealed next year.  Curious? I'd like to form a group from across the region and different sectors to get the ball rolling, so join that and you'll have a sneak preview of the idea and you can tell me if it sounds like it would be useful to you. 

You can contact me here, on Twitter (@niamhpage), by the CILIP East email (cilipeast@gmail.com) or on the LIS New Professionals Network.


  1. If you've not already got way too many Cambridge University people I'd be happy to help (judging by the success of your Grand Plan for CPD23 I'm sure it'll be something great!)

    1. Aw, thanks Annie! I'll add your name to the list.