Thursday, 22 November 2012

Introduction to #chartership

Yesterday I attended the chartership/certification course in Cambridge Central Library.  Although I have read most of the bits and pieces to do with it and have The Book sitting on my desk at the moment, I found the day really useful.

Particular highlights:
  • Time to think about the things I could include and more importantly what I should possibly leave out
  • The importance of showing how aspects of my professional development are important in my current role - a lot of the things I was thinking of including are additional to my job, but there are plenty of things I could use that are more closely linked to my daily work so that's one to think about
  • The importance of not overlooking the obvious - as MG said, of course I can do that!
  • Any time I find myself describing something in the evaluative statement, move that information to another part of the portfolio
  • Think about the mentoring relationship and how to get the most out of it
  • Set up a couple of possible visits - to Anglia Ruskin to see what Jenny's doing in the way of staff development and training and to MML to explore aspects of Hélène's role (similar to mine, but different library so different practices)
  • Met some very interesting people, including some to contact when I get into my role as New Professionals Support Officer for the newly formed CILIP East Members' Network
The best thing about these kinds of events is always the renewed enthusiasm though.  Better get on with it while that energy is still there!

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