Saturday, 20 October 2012

What next?

Me, until a week ago:

Brilliant depiction of how dissertation-writing feels by Kirsty Rolfe, via her blog, Avoiding the Bears. Click to enlarge.

But no longer! My dissertation has now arrived at Aberystwyth (according to the tracking service, but haven't had my confirmation email yet... hmm...) It sounds like I won't know how I did until March, so I'm working on the (hopefully not too foolish) assumption that I'll pass and celebrations have been planned.

So what to do now? The obvious next step is Chartership, so I've spent the morning looking through the paperwork and guidance from CILIP and re-reading Joeyanne's excellent blog post about it (congrats again on passing Jo!).  I met with my mentor when I was back in Ireland earlier in the year - it's really important to me that I keep links with the library scene back home and thought this would be a great way to do it.

Some may be surprised that I'm planning to go start Chartership so quickly, but I feel I have built up a lot of useful experience over the last couple of years, between my roles as Assistant Librarian in a faculty library and as Co-Chair of the East of England branch of CILIP, my involvement in TeachMeet and 23 Things for Professional Development, and various other bits and pieces.  I think it would be missed opportunity to let all of those experiences slide by without recording them properly and systematically.

So, who's up for a Chartership chat? Thursday 25 November, 8pm, on Twitter, #chartership. Past chats are available on the wiki, and I'm particularly interested in advice on where to start!