Sunday, 26 June 2011

CPD23 Blogs and Blogging

Thing 1
I started this blog last year as part of two 23 Things programmes, one run by the Cambridge University Medical Library and the other run by a team of librarians from different libraries in the university.  At the time, I had only been in the UK a few months, working a few hours a week at the Medical Library and knew hardly anyone in Cambridge, let alone the UK library scene.  How things have changed!  Participating in these 23 Things programmes led to me very quickly getting to know people here by following other local blogs and from there starting to follow other library blogs, getting involved in what was going on (like TeachMeet for one!), presenting at conferences, getting involved in the local CILIP branch and starting a full time role as Assistant Librarian of a faculty library here in Cambridge. 

I've already talked about the start of the CPD23 idea, but have been trying to decide whether or not to follow the programme myself.  I'm on the home stretch of my librarianship masters, which I've been doing by distance learning for *ahem* a while, so finishing that is absolutely my priority this year, but I couldn't resist joining the fun.  I love the idea of building more of a community with other info pros both nationally and internationally.  I think I'll follow other the progress of some other participants and dip in and out of actually posting as time allows.  I can always do the other Things next year when I've finished the masters!

Thing 2
So I've been looking around the blogs so far and loving the variety!  I started with the Irish bloggers (including not one but two other Niamhs - see, it's a totally normal name!), then clicked through some of the countries with only one or two participants, then followed links to some of the blogs mentioned by these participants, commenting here and there along the way.  I agree with the people that said that the commenting will be more useful as we progress - I certainly found that last year.  We've now added a blogroll to the left hand column (screenshot above) which just lists the 25 most recent blog posts by CPD23 participants, so I plan to dip into that as time goes on to discover more blogs on a regular basis.  I've added some of the blogs to Google Reader, going by people whose writing styles I enjoyed rather than sector or geographic criteria.  A random sample of these include:
Quick tip!
For anyone, like me, who made the mistake of upgrading to Firefox 4 before checking that it wouldn't break or move stuff (like that RSS icon that I absolutely relied on), there is a solution.  If you right click on the toolbars you can customise it to add the RSS icon back in and to move everything else back where they belong.  It doesn't fix the fact that the Delicious toolbars are broken, but at least I can now subscribe to blogs again!


  1. Hi Niamh,

    I never said it wasn't a normal name ;)

    I'm going to talk shop now. Thanks for your hard work on the RSS feeds: will we make them available to other people sign up to (why anyone will want 600 blogs flooding their feed reader is beyond me, but...) via a Google bundle? It's pretty straightforward, I think (I may have even written a how-to last summer). I could do that tomorrow if you like?


  2. You are an enlightened person that knows how to spell and pronounce Katerzyna and other Polish spellings - you couldn't talk about funny spellings even if you wanted to ;)

    I think it's a good idea to make the RSS bundle available to everyone - people can always unsubscribe to some of the feeds as they go along. I think I had to make the folder public in order to share it on the blog anyway, so I'd imagine it's not much of a step to add the rest. If you wouldn't mind doing that it'd be great.

    Thanks Katie!

  3. Thanks for mentioning The Conscious Library, I'm very flattered. I'll have to live up to the praise now. You have a name to be proud of!

  4. I really enjoyed your first posts! Agreed, best name ever ( not biased or anything...) Hope you've enjoyed your holiday!