Friday, 29 April 2011


Several weeks ago I mentioned that CARET are organising a 13 Things for Curriculum Design programme in Cambridge.  I haven't done any more about it because life got in the way a bit (the whole dissertation proposal thing and the whole co-presenting with Katie Birkwood about LibTeachMeet at LILAC thing), so they're now up to Thing 10 - catch up time! 

Thing 2: Cloudworks
From the 13 Things site: "Cloudworks is a website for teachers in HE to to find and discuss ideas for learning and teaching, and share their own ideas too."

I had a quick look around first and found a few sections relating to information literacy (which I've been working with recently), but lots of "clouds" with no responses.  Not the most inspiring start, so I decided to follow the recommended steps.

The Learning Design Toolbox is a "cloudscape" which seems to include a lot of useful suggestions for activities - regardless of subject.  This could certainly be useful in terms of finding quick ideas to adapt for your lessons.  There are also some Tips and hints for effective use of Cloudworks which includes suggestions such as using Clouds for conference discussions, for sharing resources and ideas, for networking and for keeping up to date.

Will I use it? I don't think so, except for browsing through that handy toolbox from time to time.  Do I think Cambridge should have a similar one?  I'm not convinced it would be used enough, but maybe?  CamTools can be used in this way, but isn't, but then that could have something to do with the clunky way it currently works, or because it's hard to browse for a group that you aren't automatically signed up for and don't know is there.  I wouldn't rule it out, but I'm not overly excited by this one I'm afraid.