Saturday, 26 March 2011

13 Things for Curriculum Design

I participated in the 23 Things course for librarians in Cambridge last summer, learned so much and got to know more of the community of librarians here, so when I spotted Emma's tweet about this 13 Things course last week I was curious to see what would happen with this programme.

To answer the questions - before becoming a librarian I qualified as a secondary school teacher in Ireland.  I have experience of teaching music and German privately and in classes of up to 30 students.  The curricula for Junior and Leaving Cert state exams were set by the State Examinations Commission, but the Transition Year programme (for 15-16 year olds) was less formally structured so I designed the programmes I taught for that.

Librarians have a very important role in teaching and training within the university context.  We teach the students about managing their information, referencing, finding and using resources (both in print and online) and critical appraisal of these resources.  We don't currently have a structured curriculum for information literacy in Cambridge, but this is something that some other universities offer already and I believe there's an Arcadia project starting soon to design one here too.  I'm planning to watch what's happening in the 13 Things programme to see what tools are suggested but more importantly to get an insight into what others are doing in curriculum design in the university.

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