Thursday, 27 January 2011

Library Day in the Life - Wednesday

This post is part of the Library Day in the Life project, in which librarians share what they really do. For anyone new to this blog, I'm Assistant Librarian in a faculty library at the University of Cambridge.

Yesterday was fairly unusual, in that I wasn't in the library much at all.  I am doing an ILM accredited course in Front Line Management, which means that I'm out of the office one day a week for five weeks.  The really interesting thing about the course was the mix of people there - administrators, researchers, librarians and a chef!  No academics, unfortunately, although apparently they do get some sometimes.  Yesterday's course was all about leadership and team-building, things that I've done before but which are always worth thinking about again.  This course is particularly good because it's so practical.  They do the theory, but always bring it right back to how it relates to us and to reflecting on what we might need to do differently as a result.

I did pop into the library on my way to and from the course though, during which time I discovered a colleague from the Pendlebury Library/University Library will be presenting at a conference in Dublin (at which I'm doing a poster session), sent emails organising a meeting to plan a CPD programme for library staff nationally (modest I know - more on that in due course) and got some tips from my librarian on writing references so that I can do proper credit to a colleague in another Cambridge library.


  1. Oh will have to chat about what that course is like. Had my eye on it but days are no use for me with childcare at the moment.

  2. No problem! I'd definitely recommend it, takes a very reflective approach and there's a work-based project to do at the end.