Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Library Day in the Life - Tuesday!

This post is part of the Library Day in the Life project, in which librarians share what they really do. For anyone new to this blog, I'm Assistant Librarian in a faculty library at the University of Cambridge.

Did we really have this many students last year?  My poor desk hardly saw me yesterday and tea is the best invention ever.  Maybe it's because the first batch of books borrowed in the new term were due back yesterday, but I'm sure every student in our faculty was in the library yesterday!

In between receiving books, putting them in order for future shelving and a lot more stamping than normal, I checked the copyright status of book chapters to be added to the VLE, helped students with resetting their PWF (computer room) passwords, showed others how to do online renewals and re-registered a faculty member whose membership had expired.

A pleasant surprise then - a colleague from one of the college libraries and a fellow member of the TeachMeet popped in after a meeting nearby.  I gave her a tour of our library, then we said we'd go for lunch at the UL (the main university library).  Half an hour later, the hordes of students stopped arriving (are you sure we had this many students last term?) so off we went to the UL Tea Room, where we bumped into another TeachMeet colleague.  Lots of talking about the incredible response to our second event and the need for celebratory cake, then back to the faculty again for the afternoon.

The original plan for yesterday afternoon was to go to see the venue for the Personalised Library Services symposium, and to build in visits to a college library and the Education Faculty Library while I was out that neck of the woods.  Best laid plans, however...  The reconnaissance trip was cancelled, so I cancelled the other two visits.  Disappointing, but I'll get there soon!

Instead, the afternoon started with meeting the new rep for a publisher we use for Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic books, continued with some discussion of how to present the relating reading for the boutique library model that forms the basis of the symposium we're organising, a surprise request for a reference from a colleague in another Cambridge library and 20 minutes of shelving!

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