Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Library Day in the Life - Monday!

This post is part of the Library Day in the Life project, in which librarians share what they really do.  For anyone new to this blog, I'm Assistant Librarian in a faculty library at the University of Cambridge.  I'll aim to post each day this week - this one's a little late going up I know!

My day was split between working on the issue desk, at my own desk and at our first floor enquiry desk.  I've been working on several interesting projects on the go at the moment, in between dealing with borrower queries, registering new members and generally supervising what was happening in the issue desk area.

At 8.40 I met with our librarian to go through what we were doing this week and ensure that any staffing implications were sorted out. I also followed up on emails and various issues that arose over the weekend (printer problems, online fine payment queries, staff training needs...) 

While on the issue desk, I did some literature searching for a symposium I'm helping out with, Personalised Library Services in HE.  The symposium is based around the boutique library model, as outlined by Libby Tilley and Andy Priestner in CILIP Update last July, and will form the basis of a future book.  I've set up a Zotero group to start pulling a bibliography together, so feel free to read the article and flag up any other articles that you think fit this model.

Tea break: time to send out notifications about our second Cambridge (lib)TeachMeet.  As Katie and Celine have already mentioned, the response has bowled us over - we were booked up within a day!  More evidence of the value of this kind of event, which we'll need to include in the paper we're giving at LILAC in April.

Other things I did yesterday - dealt with some HR stuff new staff members, arranged two library visits for when I'm out the far side of Cambridge later today, ordered books to meet reading list requirements and finished off with a bit of shelving.


  1. I've come to the conclusion that no matter where one would go in the world to be a librarian, shelving would always be involved!

  2. Hi Ms. Yingling, thanks for the comment! Yes, where there are books there must be shelving. I did have a digital library job before this one which involved no shelving at all.