Thursday, 9 December 2010

25 Research Things

A while back I noticed that a 25 Things programme has been developed in Huddersfield, this time geared towards researchers rather than librarians.  What a great idea for user ed!  Unfortunately there only seems to be a small number participating in it.

I suspect the programme works better with library staff for two main reasons: there is a sense of community and support between librarians across the university and we're in CPD mode rather than major research project mode.  It's very interesting to see what researchers make of the things that we consider for work purposes - I'll follow it closely and see how it goes!


  1. I looked at the program from a link (perhaps posted by you) on twitter and agree that there needs to be a sense of community. There are some interesting things being discussed to do with citations, referencing and presentations.

  2. Just a thought - seminar reading list for contemporary writing would work well with delicious as there are loads of websites listed in it. For the working week of course......