Monday, 25 October 2010

TeachMeet II: The planning begins

I've just spent a lovely evening with Celine, Chris, Katie and Isla, wrapping up the last bits and pieces from our (lib)TeachMeet and preparing the next one.

We've sent out a questionnaire about the last one to see how people feel about it after having time to reflect and hopefully put some of the tools and tips into practice.  We also talked about how to share what we've found so far (more on that in due course...)

So for now, a few questions to help us plan the next one, for anyone who attended the last one or thinks they might like to attend future ones:
  1. How long do you think it should be?  Two hours in the early evening (as we did last time), a full afternoon or other?
  2. What day of the week suits you best?  Is it easy enough to get away from work during the week or would it be better to hold it at the weekend?
  3. Can you recommend a venue for future events?  We're thinking 50-100 attendees and interested in different types of room / space, so all suggestions welcome.
  4. Would you be interested in joining the CamLibTM team?
All suggestions, opinions and enquiries welcome!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Library visits

Today I got a glimpse of how they do things in corporate libraries... well, in one of them anyway.

I met Jill of all trades for lunch and we compared experiences.  Because the organisation she works for is scattered around the world, the main emphasis is on providing services for remote users through document delivery services and an electronic library.  This also means that the team of librarians/information specialists are based in different countries, so team meetings require video conferencing.

They do have a print collection as well, cleverly designed so that it flows into their canteen area as well.  I really liked this because it means that the library is easily accessible to the members of staff that do actually work in that location.

I found our conversation today really interesting, so thanks again @libclare!