Tuesday, 28 September 2010

TeachMeet and the LAT Network

Well the night came at last, the first Cambridge (lib)TeachMeet has been and gone and quite well I think - I hope the attendees agree!  There was a great mix of content, from the Cephalonian Method and resource blogs to Prezi presentations and Flashmeeting software.

I spoke for two minutes to introduce the LAT Network, a new site for librarians who teach.  This network was established by Johanna Anderson following an enthusiastic response to her blog post on the subject.  She's now looking for ideas for its future development in terms of content (resources? blog posts? advice?) and for volunteers to help with looking after the site itself.  If anyone's interested post a comment below or visit the forum section of the site.

We're pulling presentations and posts about the TeachMeet together on the wiki, through a Delicious feed and on Twitter so visit any of these sites to find out more.  We're also planning a bigger and better event early next year so watch this space!


  1. very impressed with speed of blog post - just to let you know there are post-it note comments coming your way!

  2. I put a comment about the LAT on a post-it, so it should reach you in due course. I think that it was something to do with inductions - could the LAT amass resources about different ways of doing them, perhaps (maybe it already has?). Inductions seems to be a hot topic right now (and not just because of the time of year) - I've heard them talked about all over the place in the last few months.

  3. Thanks for the comments! Good suggestion Katie, I'll pass it on.