Friday, 3 September 2010

Customer Journey Mapping

Flicking through CILIP's Gazette this evening (while, of course, reminscing about my Friday nights), I had one of those "of course!" moments.  In it Erika Gavillet outlines the idea of Customer Journey Mapping.  The idea is that you ask users (or staff acting as users) to go through the process of doing something, for example using a new service or finding a book, perhaps using a comments sheet for feedback, and revising the format/signage/facilities accordingly.

It's not rocket science and there's nothing new about it really, in fact, we've done a bit of it recently as part of the Follow that... programme at the medical library.  It's just one of those blindingly obvious things that we sometimes need people to spell out for us.  It's a simple form of evaluation that we have used before, but I will certainly use more consciously in the future.