Thursday, 12 August 2010

Zotero Success!

As some of you know, I've been having trouble with Zotero recently.  I added it to my browser, no problem, and synced to my online account, but was getting two error messages every time I opened OpenOffice no matter what document format I opened and with new and existing documents (Error loading BASIC of document...).  Closing the error messages allowed me to work with documents as normal, but I couldn't use the citation software with it.

I searched the Zotero support section and couldn't find any useful answers.  Taking a second look at the Word Processor Plugin Installation page, I noticed some advice for when the Zotero options weren't displaying at all.  This wasn't my problem, but I tried their suggestion for that issue and it worked.

In Firefox, go to Tools→Add-ons→Extensions→Zotero OpenOffice Integration→Preferences and click “Reinstall OpenOffice components”.

Now I had a new error message though:

Zotero OpenOffice Integration could not communicate with because the Java UNO runtime directory specified in the Zotero OpenOffice Integration preferences does not contain a “ridl.jar” file.
I couldn't find a solution on the suggested troubleshooting page, so back I went to the Zotero forum to see if there was an answer for me.  I had better luck this time, using the advice from the last post on this page.  I installed the package using synaptic package manager. Then I went back into Tools→Add-ons→Extensions→Zotero OpenOffice Integration→Preferences and clicked 'Detect paths'.
This fully solved my problem.  I've now been playing with Zotero citations within OpenOffice and I love it!  I will once again try to use this the whole way through the article I'm working on and see how it goes.

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