Monday, 9 August 2010

This is the end...

... of the main 23 Things Programme, although we're still working through the medical one.  There were times when I thought I was crazy to be trying to do both, thinking we'd never get to the end, but now it seems to have flown by.

Looking back at the half-way mark, I still agree with what I said then.  The most valuable part of the programme actually had nothing to do with the tools - it was the community spirit that came out if it, and now also opportunities such as my involvement in the first Cambridge Librarian TeachMeet, (27th September, St John's College).  I think it's been valuable personally for raising my profile and helping me to dive into the Cambridge library world.

In terms of things, I'll build on my previous list:
Tools that I am likely to keep using:

  1. This blog: I've never kept a blog before, but am finding it a very useful tool for reflecting on events attended and have now set up a private blog for tracking my thoughts on articles for my masters as well.
  2. RSS feeds: I was already a convert for this one and love scanning headlines for interesting articles/posts rather than visiting the websites themselves.
  3. Doodle: We've used this already to plan a discussion on Defining our professional future and are now using it to discuss organising a TeachMeet in Cambridge.
  4. Google Calendar: Another one that I use personally, but I can see that it could be very useful in a library context.
  5. Twitter: A new convert, I'm finding this really useful for keeping up with what's happening and especially for networking.
  6. Flickr: with a very big pinch of salt
  7. Delicious: Although when will I ever have time to go through my "to read" pile?
  8. Youtube and podcasting: I'll have to think some more about how to approach this in real life though.
  9. Social networking sites: Facebook (in library context, but not as a librarian, if you get what I mean), but also LinkedIn, LISNPN and the LAT Network for my professional development and making more contacts.
  10. Zotero: we're still having a bit of a tiff, but I'll get around to sorting that problem any day now.
  11. Google Docs: Very useful for sharing raw thoughts with others - not so much for the formatted finished products though.
  12. Wikis: Already useful for #camlibtm but I'm sure they will prove useful for other projects in future too.
Things I am less likely to continue to use
  1. iGoogle: I prefer to track RSS feeds using Google Reader and am happy to use tabs to open other pages I need.
  2. Slideshare: I would put a presentation up there for the benefit of others, but it doesn't suit my style for catching up on events I haven't been able to attend. Please keep blogging, everyone!
  3. LibraryThing: Sorry Tim! Although maybe this will be useful for specific promotional purposes, we'll see.

And so I'm done - luckily we have the TeachMeet to look forward to in September, catering to all who are suffering withdrawal symptoms!


  1. Congrats on completing Niamh. I'd agree with you wholeheartedly about the community aspect.

  2. Thanks Andy, and thanks again to the team for organising the programme.

  3. I'm a long way behind on my reading, but just thought I'd leave a late comment to say have you seen Vanessa Lacey's final post? But then I checked back there, and you have - you've commented on it. So you know all about her idea of making podcasts of extracts from UL Tower books, a lovely 'real-life' application.

  4. Thanks for commenting anyway, makes me feel good :D Yes, I think it's a great idea - I'm loving the Tower blog so far too.