Friday, 6 August 2010

Marketing with social media

I'm going to keep this short since others have discussed it so well already.  I think a social media strategy needs to be included in the marketing strategy of every library - in fact, I think it would help if every library had a coherent marketing strategy in the first place!  It can't replace traditional marketing and advertising approaches, but it certainly can enhance them.

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So, which social media tools I would use?  It all depends on your users, which makes it difficult for me to answer right now - I'm not currently working in a library full-time and only know the few library users that come in on a Friday night.

Of the tools covered so far in #cam23, I think a library blog is possibly the most valuable, but Twitter, Facebook and Flickr could all play an important role in marketing the library.

Other Things (Netvibes, Google Calendar, Doodle, Delicious, Zotero, LibraryThing, Slideshare) would, I think, be more useful to us in delivering services than in marketing them, although it does all add up so it's important to consider how these are presented too.

I think this is a question I'll have to come back to when I'm in a better position to talk about marketing a specific library.  In the meantime, (this bit's for thewikiman) you may find more to think about in my previous post about the use of social media at the Contemporary Music Centre or in this post on UKOLN about a user survey at the English Faculty Library.

(Hmmm, so much for keeping it short then...)

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