Friday, 20 August 2010


My first experience of using an e-book was as part of my librarianship studies at Aberystwyth.  As a distant learner, based (at the time) in a different country, in a small specialist library and with very limited access to university collections, it was great to be able to access at least one of my books easily whenever I liked.  At the Library Council, we digitised more than 300 books ranging from art and music to education, industry and trade, and this digital collection can now be freely accessed on the Ask About Ireland website.

For this Thing, I started by using the Cambridge e-books CrossSearch option to find ebooks with the word 'surgery' in their titles.  This was a useful task because although I knew that there were ebooks available here I had never tried accessing them from this angle.  I think the other route suggested, via the main library catalogue, is the one that will be used more by students because it's really the content they need and the format would be secondary to that.
I hadn't looked at MyiLibrary before, but (at a quick glance) like the way the search and browse options work.  I was already familiar with Project Gutenberg and also - a very 'busy' site, but I like the range of options it provides for viewing the books.


  1. Argh! Just even the sight of that book fills me with horror!! Congratulations on finishing Cam23, and good luck with Cammed23!

  2. Thanks - you can join in too if you like, I'm sure Isla won't mind!