Wednesday, 28 July 2010

TeachMeet for Cambridge Librarians

Following on from the post over on thingblogging, we've allocated a hashtag (#camlibtm) and delicious tag (camlibtm) and have a wiki page on the way for a TeachMeet for librarians.  What we need next is a venue - any suggestions?

It's happening on Monday 27th September in Cambridge and we're planning to focus this first one on tools and techniques we use for user education in our libraries - whether they worked for us or not!

We're going to be calling for people to present short (2 or 7 minute) items, using whatever format they like - presentation, poster, off the cuff, demonstration, anything at all!  The idea is that it's all very informal, a bit of fun and chance for us to learn from what other librarians are doing.  We think everyone will have some piece of experience to share, so get thinking and watch this space!

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