Friday, 16 July 2010

Slideshare and Delicious

I was so organised until about a week ago, keeping up with both 23 Things programmes - how did I end up with four Things to do for Cam23?  Catch-up time!

I alluded to Slideshare already in my reflective post. I'm not a visual person at all, I'm not likely to click through presentations or videos in blogposts and would much prefer to read a summary.  I do know that that's just because I'm a strange, strange person and obviously try to cater to other more normal people in my own posts.  I do see the benefits of Slideshare for providing access to delegates after a course or conference and for sharing your ideas more widely.  I would put presentations up there, but I'm not likely to spend hours looking through presentations I haven't seen first-hand.

Here is one of the presentations from the New Professionals Conference I attended a couple of weeks ago:
Proving the value of peer networks
The nice thing about this one is that you can get it even if you weren't there on the day.  Bethan put the whole presentation together using quotes she received from her peer network.  I was going to provide bonus points for anyone who correctly identified the quote from me, but it doesn't seem to be on this version.  Maybe it was just one she read out, or maybe I was just imagining that feeling of fame and glory.  Hmmm....

Here's the prize-winning work of another of the presenters:

Delicious - here I'll cheat a bit and refer you to my previous post for 23 Medical Things instead.


  1. You're not weird! or if you are, I am too :) I'm not a visual learner, and much prefer written text to videos, images, or audio.

    There were a number of quotes I read out that weren't on the slides - I think I would have gone slowly insane if I'd had top find appropriate pictures for all my quotes! Also, no-one would have had time to read them... But fame, glory and the giving out of bonus points can still be yours - CDG are going to be making the audio & scripts available online :)

  2. Ah, excellent, I shall link to that when it becomes available and award brownie points then instead :D

  3. I don't think you're weird, either. And I really wish I'd gone to the NPC :-( Still, at least lots of people are blogging about it and making their slides available. Do you know if there's a central page with links to all the presenters/presentations?

  4. Ah, thank you both! There's always next year, Katie. The presentations don't seem to be online in the same place, but I'll go off and find out for you. You might be interested in following the Career Development Group on Slideshare though:

  5. Well I left a comment on thewikiman's blog and Maria kindly got back to me - it seems that all the presentations will be on the Slideshare site just as soon as the missing ones are hunted down.

  6. Thanks Niamh. I'll keep an eye on the Slideshare site.