Friday, 23 July 2010

For all the teaching librarians out there...

I'm very excited about the new network that Johanna Anderson has established for teaching librarians.  It was established really as a support for librarians that are working on the PG Cert education courses but I think it will be a useful resource for librarians at all stages, with or without the qualification.


  1. Looks good. I've been teaching in libraries for years but also don't have a education qualification, although I did do most of a B.Ed before swapping to a BA. I started a pg cert ed in my last job but when I left the job I couldn't complete the course as it was at the college I worked for. Its quite a heavy workload but well worth it. Going to look into it again. Alternatively the one Cilip course I found very useful was "Teaching skills" as it was relevant and up to date, whilst giving practical skills and guidance on teaching.

  2. Glad you both found it interesting! I'll check out that CILIP course and maybe add it to the resources list.