Wednesday, 16 June 2010

User-generated content

What an appropriate item for Thing 8 - I've been putting off doing an article on user-generated tags for my course, working on other modules while I let that one rumble around in my mind for a while.  I'm not sure yet what angle I'll take on it, but Emma's post and Tom's response are certainly helping with that.  I fully agree that although user tagging can't replace an authoritative catalogue, it does facilitate browsing using everyday language and we should be looking at ways to integrate them with the catalogue.

Tag clouds can be a nice way to browse blogs especially, so I thought I'd share what the one on my blog looks like so far.  It does look much more interesting now that I've added extra tags to all my #cam23 posts.

I recommend checking out Isla's tagging system and resulting #regionaltagging discussion on Twitter.

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