Tuesday, 15 June 2010

On the importance of libraries, or, why the internet is not enough

I've just been reading an article by Inskip et al. on the information needs of the folk music library user and just had to share these particular quotes from their interviews:

‘you sort of go to the internet when you’re stuck I suppose to see what you can find but its because it’s so unstructured it’s much much more sensible in a way to come to an organised library as a first resort for pursuing things’.


‘there’s always sort of things that [the librarian] will say or people will say that sort of point me in directions that you’d never pick up entirely on your own’

I couldn't have put it better myself!


  1. I know too many Aber people, that's the second time someone has mentioned that folk music article to me today!

  2. We're taking over the world! Not surprising really, there's a pretty big intake of distance learners twice a year. Coincidence that two of us are reading and discussing that optional article at the same time though!