Friday, 4 June 2010

MyLibrary RSS Reader

I'm back again to look at how RSS feeds are used in the NHS Athens resource, since it seems that MyAthens in the NHS section of the medical library website links to something other than NHS Athens. Thanks Isla for putting me straight and setting up an account for me to use!

I like the fact that this resource automatically gathers together information I might need based on my account information, from contact details for my "home" library, Cambridge University Medical Library, to RSS feeds from the NHS.  I added some feeds for journals found through Journal TOCS, which I recently discovered thanks to Roddy McLeod.

I think the most useful part of MyLibrary is that you can set up an e-shot with the new items from your feeds and specify how frequently you receive them.  I can imagine this would be particularly helpful for people who prefer to work with email rather than RSS readers, or who perhaps don't have time to check this external resource as frequently as they like.

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