Friday, 11 June 2010

Google Calendar...and a serious question...

Google Calendar is another one that I use all the time in a personal capacity.  The option of sharing calendars is handy - I have a calendar that's shared with my extended family so I have no excuses for not knowing whose big birthday celebration is coming up and when, and back when I was a Guide leader in Ireland I shared a calendar with other leaders so we all knew what was coming up locally, in Dublin and nationally within CGI.  I never thought of it as a tool that can be embedded within a website, but I see how that could be very useful.

A question that arises from all this use of Google products in a work environment: how comfortable are we with sharing organisational information with a global company?  If it becomes the norm to use email, documents sharing, calendars and other tools from a particular company, should there be limits on what types of documents are shared there?  Maybe it's not an issue in the university sector - what do other people think?


  1. Hi,
    the issue of 3rd parties holding our information was raised at the last Arcadia lecture
    who owns the data if an institution goes wholesale onto googledocs, or gmail? (indeed where is the data stored? could a different country's legislation be involved?) Given what google just did with buzz, is there any garuntee of confidentiality?
    big questions, to which I don't have an answer - but food for thought on a Friday, dontcha think?

  2. It certainly is! Big Brother is watching, etc... Or maybe I'm being paranoid. :/