Saturday, 19 June 2010

Developing librarians as teachers

Laura Bewick and Sheila Corrall have just published an article that's very similar to what I'm hoping to look at in my Masters dissertation.

The authors looked specifically at academic sector to identify the pedagogical needs of subject librarians.  The article includes some useful information on how the selected librarians have gained their teaching skills and which theories and concepts have been of use to them. It was interesting to see that the librarians surveyed were mostly confident in their ability to deliver training - I wonder if this is partly because only one subject librarian was selected per academic institution? The process seems to have been sufficiently random though... Perhaps it's because a lot of experience was built up prior to becoming Subject Librarian, and that this is why they were appointed to these positions in the first place?

As I would have expected, there were some calls for optional teaching modules to be included in LIS courses, as well as a demand for short courses and on-the-job training.  Sheffield have now established an MA  in Information Literacy, which would be of interest to many of those who find themselves doing a large amount of teaching within their library jobs.  I'd love to see Aberystwyth developing a distance learning module on the educational role of the librarian and make it available as a CPD course for practising librarians as well as optionally on their ILS courses.

A really interesting article that has also pointed me to lots of other relevant research.  Here's hoping there'll still be interesting work for me to do in the area by the time I've finished my other assignments!

Bewick, L. and Corrall, S. (2010) "Developing librarians as teachers: a study of their pedagogical knowledge", Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, 42 (2), 97-110.

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