Saturday, 12 June 2010

Conversation on the future of information services

As we all know by now (I hope!), CILIP is currently looking at the future of our profession and what CILIP's role could / should be in this.  I have been following the discussion through Twitter and the Netvibes dashboard and filled out the online survey.  Some interesting angles have come up, including arguments that CILIP is public-library-centric (not something I've noticed!), discussion of the skills we now need and whether librarianship training adequately addresses our needs.

I have to say though, that this is the kind of discussion I like to have in real life, face-to-face, so that new ideas can be sparked off in a much more immediate way.  I know that some of the branches and special interest groups organised events around it, but if any were near me I didn't hear about them.  The conversation was touched upon at the Librarians as Teachers event in Warwick, but not at any of the other CILIP events I've attended in the past few months, and I'm feeling that I still haven't had a chance to think this through properly.

I am hereby rising to Katie Fraser's challenge and asking if other library staff in the Cambridge area (or further afield), professional/para-professional, CILIP members and non-members, would be interested in getting together to discuss some of these issues?

Update: Even though it's Saturday a few people have already shown interest.  Please visit this poll to let me know when would suit you to meet up for this discussion.  I'm still pretty new to the area so all venue suggestions welcome!


  1. has wifi, if this was considered useful

  2. Sounds lovely, thanks for the suggestion. Would people *have* to eat though, do you think?

  3. The votes are in - we're meeting on Tuesday 22nd at CB2. Full details at