Sunday, 6 June 2010

Blogging for #cam23

As mentioned, this site was set up for the medical library version of 23 Things, but a few of us are doing the University Library one as well.  Rather than setting up a second blog, I'm going to continue using this blog for both and have now registered it with the #cam23 site.  I'm looking forward to discovering new resources and re-evaluating ones I've used before over the next few weeks as part of both programmes.

I have never had a blog before but do use Google Reader to follow other useful blogs, news feeds and journal TOCs.  I'm finding the comments option great for further developing my thoughts on a subject.  For example, I blogged about the Librarians as Teachers event at Warwick and within a day had a number of new interesting angles to follow on it.  I have used other social tools before, such as Delicious and Twitter, but gave up on them because they didn't do what I needed them to do at the time.  23 Things at the medical library has prompted me to look at these again and I've found that they have been further developed since I last looked at them and are now much more useful.

I have been looking through some of the other blogs and it's really interesting to see what people from other libraries are thinking.  I hope that more of the bloggers will add posts on other topics too, such as what they're doing in their own libraries or cpd events attended. The project will, I think, be a great way to build networks with other parts of Cambridge libraries and to learn from what other people are doing.

One suggestion - on the medical library blog, the participants list is sorted by latest post, which makes it much easier to see what people have blogged most recently without having to use a reader.  Would it be possible to do this for #cam23 too?

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