Monday, 17 May 2010

The blogging begins!

For those who know me and how much I love RSS feeds for keeping on top of information, it may seem strange that I've never blogged myself.  I've resisted it so far for a number of reasons - never liked the idea of having an online diary, unsure about putting myself out there electronically, certain that other people have more interesting things to say... the list goes on.

Why the change of heart? I've been to a number of CPD events recently and the 'reflective practitioner' idea has been sinking in for a while.  I know I've benefited from reading posts by other new professionals who use blogs to reflect on their own experiences.  Now we're doing 23Things at the medical library at Cambridge, so I thought, why not?  So I've started this blog mostly as part of this programme, partly for the fun of it, and who knows, maybe I'll continue long after I've finished my 23Things.

In case anyone's interested, here are some blogs I've found interesting/useful:
Oh, and of course,


  1. haha Like the careful inclusion of the 23things blog!
    Agree - there's always useful stuff on Phil Bradley's and OUseful blogs.

  2. Good idea! Who knows, all med lib staff may become addicted to blogging?!